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Welcome to the “Breastplate Prayer Movement” where we are “Changing the World One Prayer at a Time”. This is a God given idea Bishop Larry Jackson received during our first annual 888 celebration which took place on August 8, 2008 and now is known as the Gathering of the Priests. Through this prayer movement we focus on the salvation of the lost while covering our nation in prayer against attacks of the enemy.

HighPriestWe are using the model of the breastplate that Aaron the high priest wore and the spiritual understanding that our great high priest Jesus had a symbolic breastplate with his twelve disciples. It is important to remember that none of the disciples were saved before the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, only kept.

The function of the priest is to stand before God on behalf of those who can’t come before God due to the sin in their lives. The priest also brings from God messages to people who can’t receive them because of the sin in their lives. In the spirit of this understanding Breastplate Prayer is designed to pray for 3 family members who are lost, 3 friends who are lost, 3 co-workers or neighbors who are lost or the combination of the two, and 3 strangers who are lost. These positions should be filled with 12 people and not cities or situations in this life. We want you to pray for these things but the Breastplate Prayer is specific and focused on winning people because it must be measurable.

Since the priest had to perform special service in the Holy place on a daily basis it is important that we call out these people’s names before God in prayer on a daily basis. Visit the converts’ page of this website and you will see many of the people who have come to know our Lord through this powerful prayer movement.

You can order your very own breastplate by clicking on the HERE to take you to the resource center. This way you can keep it with you at all times because where you are and when you worship, the people on your breastplate go and worship with you!

Join our morning prayer calls where many believers unite together daily for the sole purpose of praying and agreeing over their breastplate members.

Morning Prayer Calls

The prayer conference calls will assist you in your prayer commitment for your breastplate and the nation. The prayer call lasts for 30 minutes and is designed to network people from your time zone and region.

Many times Bishop Jackson will share a word with the group and sometimes he will invite a national leader to join him on the call. These calls are recorded so please use the recording to introduce other believers to the network by having them listen at their convenience from their computer. The recordings are accessed by visiting and clicking the listening button. Use the access code 616788 to access the recordings. The conference service has now launched the ability to listen to the calls by phone if you can’t get to your computer. The recordings are also posted on Facebook as well as Twitter for easy access.

Visit the testimony and video pages to hear about the way God has moved for His people just because they have prayed.

We currently have 565 Breastplate Prayer Members praying for 6780 souls. Click HERE for membership details. Members please remember to pray your 25 and log your activity. Also subscribe to the new Breastplate Prayer magazine.



As members of this movement we are asking you to pray for the total number of souls indicated by the banner above in a corporate fashion as you daily pray for your personal breastplates! Blessings! Members please remember to pray your 25 and log your activity. Also subscribe to the new Breastplate Prayer magazine.


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Membership is the way we keep everyone on the same page as we win the world — one prayer at a time. 

There is absolutely no fee to join this movement and there never will be.

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